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Swan Priestess

Julien DuBrow's Sacred Poetry & Fiction Blog

Welcome to my portal of healing, creativity, and delight!

Evidence of the Swan Pirestesses–those women who walked as healers, story keepers & visionaries– is found in cultures all around the world. In honor of this sacred tradition, I offer my sacred poetry & fiction blog, Swan Priestess. In my work, I hope you’ll find healing, empowerment, and delight!

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Swan Priestess: Prologue


The swan stopped at the water’s edge, pulling her wings close about her body. Moonlight shimmered across her regal form as she let her gaze rest on the druid.

The young man stood still, staring. A soft aura of holy light, the token of the other world, emanated from her.

“Your majesty,” he said, and then slowly, gently, he lowered himself to his knees. “I’ve nothing to offer,” he continued. “All I have is my song.”

And so, he began to sing to her. His voice was soft and deep, filled with devotion and the shadow of his dreams.

Memoir: The Arms Of Love


I’m three days into taking a new seizure medication, and Martin, my husband, is staying home with me because he believes this one could be the answer to our prayers. I’ve tried 5 other medications and responded very badly to each. The neurologist says this is my last, best hope. If it works, I could lead a fairly normal life. I could drive, work a regular job, maybe even have children. We’ve heard this before so I’m skeptical, taking it an hour at a time, but Martin stays positive. Every day after lunch he approaches me with his notebook and ask the prescribed medical questions. Today he seems particularly cheery, coming into the bedroom with pen in hand. 

“Rash?” He asks.

“No,” I answer.



Build An Ark


Like Noah, I am wordless Listening

The flood is
We all feel it
Taste the sacred salt in the air, observing
Magma folding in, agitated, aroused
The two ancient things we all know, good and evil
Have brought the rain

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Julien DuBrow is the author of the Priestess Chronicles and the founder and curator of the Sacred Poetry Project and Swan Priestess blog.
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