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Circles 1 (from Life of the Future World)

(circle 1 – inner rim)
be very wary as your fathers warned you of the fire don’t be burnt by it & water

     not to
     in it
     & wind
     that it not
     harm you
     you not

(circle 2 – inner rim)
it on condition anyone who takes the name for his own needs transgresses the command

     about said name
     was formed
     to be
     for his own glory
     only thus
     the prophet
     said about
     its secret

(circle 3 – inner rim)
whatever has my name and I made it for my honor formed it worked it truly & concerning this the name informed

     his prophets (be he blest)
     about his name
     by 3
     of creation
     of the skies
     & earth
     & man

(circle 4 – inner rim)
& know according to the name the one most honored is the one of Israel because the name’s own portion is his people & and the most honored one

     of Israel is
     the Levite & the most honored
     of the Levites
     is the
     & the most honored
     of the priests
     is the Messiah

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