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About Julien

The Creator is the healer. I’m just the vehicle directing all that love.

After 10 years of disabling pain Julien challenged her doctor’s dire prognosis and turned to the Sacred Healing paradigm which takes an integrated approach to healing. Honoring the best of both modern medicine and the medicine offered by sacred or spiritual healing traditions Julien healed. Now, she shares what she has learned, inspiring people to take Sacred Healing’s compassionate and empowering approach to healing the body, relationships, and their life. She offers encouraging, actionable programs that teach individuals how to succeed in reclaiming their lives from chronic illness, while deepening their relationship with their innate gifts and talents. She writes, teaches and speaks on the subject of Sacred Healing and how to reclaim your life from chronic illness.

In the Sacred Healing approach there are very specific steps to take and powerful healing practices that put you in charge of your healing. They will:

  • Help you find your center and chart a clear course to reclaim your life from illness, get well and stay well.
  • Give you a framework, tools and a language for healing that will help you heal trauma and take charge of your body and your life.
  • Give you the confidence and calm you need to meet whatever challenges arise.
  • Transform you from someone beset by pain, fear, confusion and overwhelm into a creative, confident person who is at peace, and healing.

Julien is the author of the Priestess Chronicles, a fiction series that takes the reader into the life of a traditional healer, and the heart of self-healing. She has attended the prestigious Squaw Valley Writers community and studied creative writing with Terri Brown-Davidson and poetry with Lucille Clifton and Sharon Olds. She is also a published poet and founder of the Sacred Poetry Project.

With strong, loving guidance, Julien inspires people to take charge of their health, and their happiness, by reclaiming connection with what has heart and meaning, and stepping fully into Sacred Healing.

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