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Compared to my dawn (from The Poem of the Sufi Way)

Compared to my dawn,
     the long day’s light is like a flash;
          next to my drinking place,
               the wide ocean is a drop.

So the whole of me
     faces and seeks my all,
          while part of me with bridle and reins
               draws my other part.

One who was above below —
     while above was below him —
          every direction submitted
               to his guiding countenance.

Thus earth’s below is ether’s above
     because what I split is closed,
          though splitting the closure
               is my obvious way.

There is no ambiguity —
     union is the source of certainty;
          there is no where
               as space only separates;

There is no number,
     for counting cuts like the blade edge,
          nor is there time since limit
               is a timekeeper’s idolatry;

There is no equal in this world or the next,
     who could decree to raze what I raised up
          or command to carry out
               the decree of my command.

There is no rival in either place,
     and due to harmony,
          you will not see disparity
               in humanity’s creation.          

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