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The Sacred Healing Program

Reclaim Your Life and Move Forward In Your Healing!

You want your life back.

I know what its like to loose your life to illness. I know what its like to be overwhelmed, afraid, or unsure what to do next in order to get well. In this 8 week program I’ll guide you on an integrative journey, helping you to take the best of both ancient and modern healing techniques to transform your relationship with your body and healing. This is a healthy, balanced and compassionate program that will help you create a healing plan that meets your body’s unique needs, while brining your life back into balance. The content is delivered in weekly modules that are designed to take you out of overwhelm and into clarity. With a strong focus on exploring the actions, and practices that will help you the most, this deeply personal course is a journey into the heart of healing: healing your body and you life.

Each week we will meet live, online via Zoom, for a 90 minute session. During the session we’ll focus on the topic of the week, and any questions, or issues arising along the way. I will share the Sacred Medicine Practice of the week and we’ll end each session with a healing. At the end of each session you’ll have action steps to move you forward, and inquiries to take you deeper. Throughout the journey you will have support, and mentoring from me through email.

The through a compassionate blend of spiritual mentoring, coaching, and healing, the Sacred Healing Program gives you healing education, guidance, resources, sacred medicine practices, ongoing support, and love, as you reclaim your relationship with your body and move forward in your healing.

The Sacred Healing Program is offered through private sessions, or small group, via live online Zoom sessions or by phone.

An overview of the 7 course modules and the territory we cover on the journey in the program…

Step 1: Reclaiming Connection
Step 2: Reclaiming Control
Step 3: Reclaiming Direction

Who is the Sacred Healing Program for?

Through the Sacred Healing paradigm I’ve come to know illness as an initiatory call to deeper connection with the body, and its innate ability to heal–a call to identify with who you are, rather than what you do.

Healing is a journey that can shake us to the core, breaking us down, breaking us open. To heal requires courage, kindness, and a strength of will, and purpose that can transform both the body, and one’s life. In the Sacred Healing Program we are entering into an intimate time of discovery, and recovery, which must be honored and held in strong, and caring ways. So, its important that you familiarize yourself with me and my approach before signing up for the program as I will be your guide, and support along the way. And it’s important that you want to be part of a program that is a blend of spiritual mentoring and practical action–a program that will both hold you, and encourage you to grow beyond what is familiar, and what you have come to know as comfortable. The Sacred Healing Program is for people who approach life, and healing with deep heart, and a desire to take charge of their healing. Even if they have tried to heal before and failed. Even if they have given up hope that healing is even possible. This program is for people who are willing to look at their fatigue, overwhelm, fear, insecurity, sorrow, resistance, and disbelief… with kindness, compassion, and a loving strength of purpose: To Heal.

This program requires commitment and a willingness to face the challenges of healing while awakening the strength, and courage required to take your next steps. Its for people who are ready to be kind to themselves, and the cyclical process of getting well, and staying well. This program is a step by step guide; a framework with support, encouragement, and powerful transformative teachings from the Sacred Healing traditions. So, its important that participants are really ready to dive in. You will want an open heart and mind, a willingness to face the fears and sorrows that arise while learning to let them go. This program will teach you to re-engage with your body, and your emotions in powerful, transformative ways. Sacred Healing is a paradigm that takes you out of stress, overwhelm, sorrow, and fear– you are someone who has lived with a chronic condition, or you’ve been newly diagnosed–and teaches you the art of connecting with the body in empowered, healing ways. It’s for those that need help getting clear about what to do and how to do it in order to move forward in their healing.

The program will be available June 2019

For NEW CLIENTS: Please listen to Julien’s free talk (get it here) and have an intake session (private session here) with Julien BEFORE entering the program.

Sacred Healing Program 1 on 1 (Eight 90 minute private sessions) $1600
Sacred Healing Program Small Group (Eight 90 minute small group sessions) $700

For more information, please email Julien directly through the contact form. If you’d like a call back please leave your phone number and good times to reach you.

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