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Free Resources

The resources below offer support and inspiration as you move forward in your healing. If you enjoy these short clips, just press the DOWNLOAD below and receive the full versions of the audio or visual to your inbox! You will get immediate access to each resource.

Blessing The Body

In this (free) audio track from Julien’s Album, Blessing The Body, you are held in the uplifting sound of Hans Christian’s cello, as Julien speaks from the wisdom of the Sacred Healing tradition. This is a passage of comfort and dignity.


I Am Well

In this (free) video Julien presents a visual Sacred Medicine practice to ignite your own, innate ability to heal. Just by watching, the mind relaxes, and follows along, directing your body to heal. This is a visual meditation to soothe, comfort, and engage in healing.


Reclaim Your Life and Heal

In this beautiful (and free) audio, Julien offers practical guidance from the Sacred Healing paradigm, on how to reclaim your life from illness and get well. You’ll learn the fundamental strategies that will give you the courage and clarity to reclaim control of your life and move forward in your healing.