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From his light (from The Poem of the Sufi Way)

From his light,
     the niche of my essence enlightened me;
          by means of me,
               my nights blazed morning bright.

I made me witness my being there
     for I was he;
          I witnessed him as me,
               the light, my splendor.

By me the valley was made holy,
     and I flung my robe of honor —
          my “taking off of sandals” —
               on those summoned there.

I embraced my lights
     and so was their guide;
          how wondrous a soul
               illuminating lights!

I set firm my many Sinais
     and there prayed to myself;
          I attained every goal,
               as my being spoke with me.

My full moon never waned;
     my sun, it never set,
          and all the blazing stars
               followed my lead.

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