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Going Home

Dear friends and family and intimate foes,
I must apologize
for I am going home.

And this home
is a very small home;
it is really not even a hut.

It has no room
for you to come and visit,
not even room
for a chest to hold a few things.

This home is so small
it has no room for even me.

Yet I am going home
with no garments
to get snagged on the threshold.

I am going home
with no memories
issuing from my lips of old.

I am sorry I cannot even thank you,
for I do not hold any condemnations
to bounce off any gratitudes.

Even your faces lined with smiles
and streaked with tears
are nothing but a shimmer
behind me on this warm road.

I am going home,
and by going I arrive.

Arriving in the home
where there lives only ONE.

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