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If They Only Knew

What earth is this
     so in want of you
they rise up on high
     to seek you in heaven?

          Look at them staring
               at you
          right before their eyes,
               unseeing, unseeing, blind.
. . .

          I was patient,
               but can the heart
be patient of
     its heart?

               My spirit and yours
          blend together
               whether we are near one another
          or far away.

          I am you,
     my being,
          end of my desire,

     The most intimate of secret thoughts
and fixed along the horizon
     in folds of light.

               How? The “how” is known
          along the outside,
               while the interior of beyond
     to and for the heart of being.

     Creatures perish
          in the darkened
blind of quest,
     knowing intimations.

                    Guessing and dreaming
          they pursue the real,
               faces turned toward the sky
     whispering secrets to the heavens.

          While the lord remains among them
               in every turn of time
abiding in their every condition
     every instant.

               Never without him, they,
          not for the blink of an eye —
               if only they knew!
          nor he for a moment without them.

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