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     O nectar! O delicious stream!
O ravishing and only pleasure! Where
     Shall such another theme
Inspire my tongue with joys or please mine ear!
     Abridgement of delights!
     And Queen of sights!
O mine of rarities! O Kingdom wide!
O more! O cause of all! O glorious Bride!
     O God! O Bride of God! O King!
     O soul and crown of everything!

     Did not I covet to behold
Some endless monarch, that did always live
     In palaces of gold,
Willing all kingdoms, realms, and crowns to give
     Unto my soul! Whose love
     A spring might prove
Of endless glories, honours, friendships, pleasures,
Joys, praises, beauties and celestial treasures!
     Lo, now I see there’s such a King.
     The fountain-head of everything!

     Did my ambition ever dream
Of such a Lord, of such a love! Did I
     Expect so sweet a stream
As this at any time! Could any eye
     Believe it? Why all power
     Is used here;
Joys down from Heaven on my head do shower,
And Jove beyond the fiction doth appear
     Once more in golden rain to come
     To Danae’s pleasing fruitful womb.

     His Ganymede! His life! His joy!
Or He comes down to me, or takes me up
     That I might be His boy,
And fill, and taste, and give, and drink the cup.
     But those (tho’ great) are all
     Too short and small,
Too weak and feeble pictures to express
The true mysterious depths of Blessedness.
     I am His image, and His friend,
     His son, bride, glory, temple, end.

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