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Next to Nothing

Surely, choice in life isn’t just a one-sided manufacture of mental boxes
to set out fluorescent along preferred directions nor mental blocks

to heighten retaining walls against rivers of self-insistence: surely,
there is interplay: just because a rein will sway the horse one way rather

than another doesn’t mean you can get there without the horse, with just
a rein: surely, there is a shifting dynamics between artifice, as imposed

choice, and emergence, as that which finds its way: choice includes choosing
to be chosen by life, that is, choosing to be willing to be led out, like

a horse, into whatever options may perchance arise: but, naturally,
you don’t want a horse just standing there steaming with incipience unable

to devote himself to rolling in the sand, say, or taking off at a gallop down
the freeway: you can’t let a horse get up every morning and decide to do

something different: choice does not predominantly mean multiple choice, it
tends to mean narrowing imposition, settling for one thing and sticking to

it: adolescence is just a boiling off of puzzlings, polymorphous
possibilities, in order to cool down into a thing or two, mostly on top or

mostly on bottom with an occasional visit otherwise: let’s say that after
adolescence you start to have sense, you start to make sense, and you start

making right on the top of the brain where the day to day mishmash of
decision-making chooses its ground, and then a kind of surface crystallization

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