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Come home to your body, dear one. You are the source of a great healing force.


What others have to say about working with Julien


“My healing sessions with Julien relieved the terrible migraine and headache pain I was having. She taught me how to be with my emotions in a way that freed me from the fear and anxiety I was facing. The work we did together helped me find my own path as a healer.”

Francesca Hunter


“On my first session with Julien I limped into the office in terrible pain. I’ve lived with fibromyalgia and arthritis in my knee for over a decade. By the end of the hour I walked out without my cane! Pain free. Since then I see Julien whenever I have a flare up and I’ve used the self healing techniques she taught me almost daily. Pain no longer rules my life! Thank you!”

Arthur Jenkins


“Julien helped me heal from Lyme and the disabling co-infections. I had been through an intravenous antibiotic drip that left me with disabling headaches and nausea, and a terrible rash. I was still unable to work because of all the symptoms. I saw Julien twice a week and she did distance healings too. I LOVE all the healing education she gave me and the support to make it through all the holistic protocols. It took about 9 months but I’m really well and back at work. Thank you Julien!”

Stacy Waller


“I’ve lived with depression my whole life. It’s a hard thing to talk about or share with people. I’ve tried the AMA route, and counseling but I just kept suffering. I’ve been working with Julien for over two years now and I’m feeling much better, and stronger than I ever have. I know how to take ‘charge’ (as Julien says 🙂 and get help when things get too overwhelming or if I feel like I might go to a dark place. I highly recommend Julien’s Sacred Healing Program as it really helped me get in touch with why I want to get well. She also helped me reconnect with my family and friends. She taught me how to talk about what’s happening and that made it easier. I can’t say enough about Julien and her program.”

Doug M.


“Julien helped guide me through my journey with cancer. Her distance healing sessions were such a blessing when I was going through radiation. She didn’t judge me for my choices of therapies and I want to say thank you so much for that! I was scared and she gave me courage, and hope. I felt held and that meant so much. And after the radiation I didn’t have the side effects everyone else had. I’m so appreciative of Julien and her compassionate approach. I highly recommend her as a healer.”

Joan Wilcott


Julien helped guide me and my family through my mother’s death. I am so grateful! She taught me how to stay present with my mom and stop letting my grief overwhelm me. I kept getting headaches and really bad migraines during that time, until I found Julien and started working with her regularly. I’m still doing the two healing practices she gave me almost everyday and have taught my wife them as well. As Julien says, “I’m strong, healthy and happy.” I highly recommend her as a healer!”

William Shifford


“For years Julien has been my ‘go-to’ person when circumstances arise that require deeper healing, new perspectives and overall soul searching. Her wisdom and encouragement illuminated new paths on my journey to health and happiness and I highly recommend her for anyone looking for a soul-centered approach to healing.”

Mariko Drouin

“I was fortunate to take a healing journey into poetry with Julien as my guide.  Julien is truly a gifted and inspirational teacher.  My heart was opened to poetry in a way that I never dreamed was possible.  Julien helped me to discover and appreciate the great poets, and in the process the poet in me began to emerge. I am forever grateful!”

Kathryn Lazzeretti

“Julien is a fine poet, teacher and gentle guide. She exemplifies grace, giving you a model to emulate or aspire to.  Her thoughtful exercises allow you to step easily into your creativity, surprising yourself with the magical results. She is the teacher you have hoped to find, the one your envisioned would guide you safely through your healing journey.  She guides from experience, lending strength, but allowing you to proceed as you choose. Julien makes the journey safe and fun.  She laughs gently, sharing deep recognition, without intrusion.”

Ann Donovan

“I felt safe & held with grace as Julien guided our group with her expansive knowledge, keen insights & joyful presentations.”

Paula Fava

“Julien DuBrow helped me launch myself into the world, and it was through her healing support and direction I launched my business. Not only was Julien’s healing support insightful and strategic, she made the whole process fun! I love the way she helps to focus the mind on good things. I can not recommend her or her work highly enough, she is a treasure!”

Allison Stillman