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     whose face is this
          reflected in spirit’s mirror?
               Such beauty painted
                    on the inner screen–
                         who is he?
Each atom
     in all space
          is filled…
               Who transcends the galaxies,
                    shows himself in every molecule–
                         who is he?
     in the costume
          of various specks of dust
               sparks forth various rays
                    of light at every moment–
                         who is he?
     you appear in the meat
          of our existence
               but he who is hidden
                    in soul’s marrow–
                         who is he?
In soul’s fete
     every now and again he sings
          a new song, melodies of peace
               touching the veils
                    of the people of the heart–
                         who is he?
He who manifests himself
     upon himself
          makes love to himself
               in the name
                    of lovers–
                         who is he?
How many times, Mo’in
     will you drag yourself and me
          between us?
               He, the goal of I and thou,
                    is there — right there!
                         Who is he?

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