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Welcome to the Sacred Poetry Project with Julien DuBrow

All poetry that touches the heart and enlightens the mind is Sacred Poetry.

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Recent Poems

God Speaks to Man

Poet: Edmond Bordeaux Szekely

I speak to you.
Be still
I am

I spoke to you
When you were born.
Be still
I am


Poet: R. S. Thomas

I emerge from the mind’s
cave into the worse darkness
outside, where things pass and
the Lord is in none of them.

I have heard the still,

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Sacred Poetry Project’s Mission

All poetry that touches the heart, and enlightens the mind is sacred poetry. The Sacred Poetry Project celebrates the universal healing force that arises when we engage with poetry that brings us closer to ourselves, and what we hold sacred.

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About Julien

Julien DuBrow is the founder and curator of the Sacred Poetry Project.
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