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Screening its face amongst lotus stalks

Screening its face amongst lotus stalks
the golden bird
          limbs listless with love
               eyes open
sleeps on the flower with v, s, s, and s
emblazoned on its petals.

In a flower bud above
reigns the mantra “ram.”
Repeat “ram! ram!”
          and fan the flames red;
surround the swan with heat.
Let no obstacle stand in your way;
get to work —
you are young and fresh.
Break this fake sleep and snap out of your dreams;
then the storms of this world won’t concern you.

Oh soul, whip up the wind; let the bird fly
          flower to flower
towards Her mate in the sahasrara.
When that happens the five elements in you
          earth, water, fire, wind, and ether
will dissolve, and you’ll be free
          to merge in the Supreme.

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