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Sophia in Egypt (from Three Meetings)

Agown in heavenly purple glow you stood,
Eyes full of azure fire,
Your vision was the first blaze
Of world-filling, life-giving day.

What is, what was, what shall forever be —
All, all was held here in one steady gaze…
The seas and rivers blue beneath me,
Distant woods, snow-capped peaks.

I saw all, and all was one —
A single image of womanly beauty…
Pregnant with vastnesses!
Before me, in me — only You.

Radiant One! You can’t fool me:
I saw all of you there in the desert.
Those roses in my soul won’t wilt,
Whichever way the day may turn.

Yet but an instant! And the vision veiled.
The sun climbed the sky’s height.
Silence, desert silence. And so my soul prayed;
While within: an endless celebration of bells!

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