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Stand at the throne (from The Standing Of the Presence Chamber and the Letter)

He said to me:
     Stand at the throne.
     I saw the sanctuary.
     No gaze attained it.
     No cares entered it.
     In it I saw the doors of every reality.
     I saw the doors on fire.
     In the fire was a sanctuary.
     Nothing could enter it but the sincere act.
     When it entered, it came to the door.
     When it came to the door, it stood for the reckoning
     I saw the reckoning
          single out what was for the face of God
          from what was for the other-than-him.
     I saw the reward was other-than-him.
     I saw that the act, sincere in him and for him alone,
          raised from the door to the highest plane of vision.
     When it was raised, there was written upon the door:
     “It has passed the reckoning.”

Eat from my hand,
Drink from my hand
     Or you will not be equal to my obedience.

If you do not obey me on my account,
     You will not be equal to my worship.

If you cast off your fault
     you will cast off your ignorance.

If you recall your fault
     you will forget your lord.

In the garden
     is everything thought can bear
     and behind it more.

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