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Tag: Khwaja Abdullah Ansari

A Path of Devotion

Poet: Khwaja Abdullah Ansari

In this path the eye must cease to see,
And the ear to hear,
Save unto Him, and about Him.
Be as dust on His path.
Even the kings of this earth
Make the dust of His feet
The balm of their eyes.

The Beauty of Oneness

Poet: Khwaja Abdullah Ansari

Any eye filled with the vision of this world
     cannot see the attributes of the Hereafter,
Any eye filled with the attributes of the Hereafter
     would be deprived of the Beauty of Oneness.

The Friend Beside Me

Poet: Khwaja Abdullah Ansari

O God
You know why I am happy:
     It is because I seek Your company,
     not through my own efforts.

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