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Tag: Hafiz (Ladinsky, Daniel)

What the Hell

Poet: Hafiz (Ladinsky, Daniel)
Real love
I always keep a secret.

All my words
Are sung outside Her window,

For when She lets me in
I take a thousand oaths of silence.

An Astronomical Question

Poet: Hafiz (Ladinsky, Daniel)
Happen if God leaned down

And gave you a full wet

Doesn’t mind answering astronomical questions
Like that:

You would surely start
Reciting all day,

Why Aren’t We Screaming Drunks?

Poet: Hafiz (Ladinsky, Daniel)
The sun once glimpsed God’s true nature
And has never been the same.

Thus that radiant sphere
Constantly pours its energy
Upon this earth
As does He from behind
The veil.