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Tag: Muso Soseki

Temple of Eternal Light

Poet: Muso Soseki

The mountain range
     the stones in the water
          all are strange and rare
The beautiful landscape
     as we know
          belongs to those who are like it
The upper worlds
     the lower worlds
          originally are one thing
There is not a bit of dust
     there is only this still and full
          perfect enlightenment

The Gate of Universal Light

Poet: Muso Soseki

The great light of compassion
     illuminates this world
          in every part
As a boy
     Sudhana stood
          before the gates
When your eyelids
     have fallen across
          the whole of the empty world
the gate will open
     at the snap of a finger
          as it did then to let him pass

Toki-no-Ge (Satori Poem)

Poet: Muso Soseki

Year after year
     I dug in the earth
          looking for the blue of heaven
only to feel
     the pile of dirt
          choking me
until once in the dead of night
     I tripped on a broken brick
          and kicked it into the air
and saw that without a thought
     I had smashed the bones
          of the empty sky

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