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The Light of Your Way

Holy are you, O Lord, holy, blessed and One.
Holy are you, and generous

for you have flooded my heart
     with the light of your way,

and you have raised up in me
     the Tree of Life.

You have shown me a new heaven
     upon the earth.
You have shown me a secret Garden,
     unseen within the seen.

Now am I joined soul and spirit
     present in your Presence —

your Presence that has waited long in me,
your Presence, the true Tree of Life,
     planted in whatever this earth is,
     planted in whatever it is that men are,
          planted, and rooted in the heart,

your Presence all at once revealing your Paradise
alive with every good green thing:
     grasses and trees and the fruiting bounty,
     a world of flowers!
          sweet-scented lilies!

Each little flower speaks a truth:
     humility and joy,
     peace, oh peace!
     kindness, compassion,
          the turning of the soul,

and the flood of tears
and the strange ecstasy
     of those bathed in your light.

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