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The Throne of Glory Addresses the King

King of miracles, King of power,
     King of wonders, King of marvels:
Your throne hovers
     yet does not move,
ever since You set the peg of the loom
     which fixes the world’s course
     and its perfection,
all these many years
     and endless generations.
Your throne has never set foot on the floor
     of the seventh heaven,
but hovers like a bird
     and does not move.
The proudest of the proud,
     adorned with crowns,
and all the royal living creatures
     whom You created stand close together
beneath Your throne of glory,
     bearing it with might, strength, and power.
They too have never set foot upon the floor
     of the seventh heaven,
but hover like a bird
     and do not move.
Thrice daily Your throne of glory prostrates itself before You
     and says, ‘Zoharariel, Adonai, God of Israel,
          sit upon me in glory, resplendent King,
          for Your burden is most dear to me
          and does not weigh me down.’

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