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Who can do as Thy deeds

Who can do as Thy deeds, when under the throne of Thy glory Thou madest a place for the spirits of Thy saints?
There is the abode of the pure souls, that are bound in the bundle of life.
Those who are tired and weary, there will they restore their strength.
There shall the weary be at rest, for they are deserving of repose.
In it there is delight without end or limitation, for that is the world-to-come.
There are stations and visions for the souls that stand by the mirrors assembled, to see the face of the Lord and to be seen,
Dwelling in the royal palaces, standing by the royal table,
Delighting in the sweetness of the fruit of the Intelligence, which yields royal dainties.
This is the repose and the inheritance, whose good and beauty are without limit, and “surely it floweth with milk and honey; and this is the fruit of it.”

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