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Wonder of wonders!

Wonder of wonders! What grace flows within the saqi’s tavern!
The secrets of both worlds are an open book in his cup.

Why do you seek in the temple? What will you find in the Ka’aba?
Open your inner eye, look in the idol house of your heart.

Friends, by morning you’ll find nothing here but ashes:
My heart also burns, with the same sorrow as the moth.

The wine of Truth the saqi keeps concealed in his eyes,
Whatever he pours in the cup deceives thirst.

Who is aware of this wonder? Without instruments
Resounds a symphony in the chamber of the heart!

Saqi, is slaying my desire your kind of mercy?
I hear endless ecstasy reigns in your tavern.

In moments of quietude, I often begin to wonder:
Is a musician playing a melody within my joyful heart?

In all your life, Darshan, nowhere will you find
A joy to rival the rapture of Master’s tavern.

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