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Learn How To Reclaim Your Life And Heal With The Sacred Healing Approach

In this beautiful (and free) audio, Julien offers practical guidance from the Sacred Healing paradigm, on how to reclaim your life from illness and get well.

The Sacred Healing Approach is…

Compassionate. Evidence-Based. Empowering.

Welcome, dear one.

I’m so glad you found the Sacred Healing approach because that means you have a soulful desire to take control of your healing journey and find your center as you navigate the fear, grief, and uncertainty that can arise when healing.

I’m here to help you.

I know all too well the challenges and overwhelm that come with trying to get well and stay well, especially if you’ve been living with a chronic condition. I know you need more than just great resources (which are here). You need an integrated plan that really works. You also need a strong, positive, and helpful support system to implement your plan (we have these too).

In the Sacred Healing approach there are very specific steps to take and powerful healing practices that put you in charge of your healing. They will:

  • Help you find your center and chart a clear course to reclaim your life from illness, get well and stay well.
  • Give you a framework, tools, and a language for healing that will help you heal trauma and take charge of your body and your life.
  • Give you the confidence and calm you need to meet whatever challenges arise.

I’m Julien, Founder of the Sacred Poetry Project

Julien DuBrow, M.A., is a trained interfaith spiritual director and healer. She is the founder of the Sacred Poetry Project and an author. Her poetry is featured in print and online publications.

My life has been a journey of reclamation; reclaiming heart and soul from the harsh terrain of illness. I was born with a seizure condition, and after a head injury in my 20’s, I was disabled by pain. I tried absolutely everything to get well, (and failed). I wasted a lot of time and money going from one modality to another, seeking relief. I turned to Sacred and Spiritual Healing to fortify myself, but what I found was much more than that.

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