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Enter the myth and mystery of the Emerald Temple and step into the life of a traditional priestess. Each book presents sacred healing practices and the mystic initiations used to awaken the experience of True Nature, and deep healing.

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Blessing The Body

A Companion In Healing

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Julien DuBrow, M.A.

Julien DuBrow, M.A., is a trained interfaith spiritual director and healer. She is the founder of the Sacred Poetry Project, an author, and artist.

My life has been a journey of reclamation; reclaiming heart and soul from the harsh terrain of illness. I was born with a seizure condition, and after a head injury in my 20’s, I was disabled by pain. I tried absolutely everything to get well, (and failed). I wasted a lot of time and money going from one modality to another, seeking relief. I turned to Sacred and Spiritual Healing to fortify myself, but what I found was much more than that.

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Learn How To Reclaim Your Life And Heal With The Sacred Healing Approach

In this beautiful (and free) audio, Julien offers practical guidance from the Sacred Healing paradigm, on how to reclaim your life from illness and get well.

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