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Learn How To Reclaim Your Life And Heal.

In this beautiful audio, Julien offers practical guidance from the Sacred Healing paradigm, on how to reclaim your life from illness and get well.

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The Sacred Healing Approach

Compassionate. Evidence-Based. Judgement-Free.

Welcome, dear one.

I’m so glad you found the Sacred Healing approach and are exploring ways to give yourself soulful support as you come home to your body and take charge of your healing journey.

I’m Julien DuBrow, I’m a trained interfaith spiritual director and healer.  I know, all too well, the challenges, uncertainty, and overwhelm that can arise when healing, especially if you’ve been living with a chronic condition. This site and my work are dedicated to bringing forward the strength and wisdom of the sacred healing traditions. Both the practical and creative resources you find here will help you turn toward your body in powerful and compassionate ways. They will help you awaken the healer within and find a clear, and kind way forward.

In the Sacred Healing approach there are very specific steps to take and powerful healing practices that put you in charge of your body and your life. They will:

  • Help you find your center and chart a clear course to reclaim your life from illness, get well and stay well.
  • Give you a framework, tools, and a language that will help you heal trauma and take charge of your body and your life.
  • Give you the confidence and calm you need to meet whatever challenges arise.

Welcome! Healing is the way forward!

Get Support, Inspiration, and Guidance On Your Healing Journey!

The Sacred Healing Program

With Julien DuBrow

Enter the myth and mystery of the Emerald Temple!

Touch the soul of the divine feminine within you as you follow the epic story of Hera, queen of the greek gods and goddesses. Journey into the heart of a traditional priestess as she faces life’s initiations, joys and sorrows, with the strength and wisdom of the Goddess.

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Sacred Poetry Project

Check out the blog and discover Sacred Poetry as medicine.

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