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“I write about the journey of soulful healing, empowerment the human experience.”

Julien’s Books

Calling The Priestess Home

Book 1 of The Priestess Chronicles

In book 1 of The Priestess Chronicles, Hera, queen of the Greek gods, captivates readers with her life story. She begins her tale as a young woman growing up on the shores of Atlantis. In the company of her friends, Artemis and Apollo, she adventures into the jungle awakening a mystical ability that changes the course of her life. The long held secret of Hera’s ties to an ancient lineage of powerful priestesses is revealed, and she is taken into the myth and mystery of the Emerald Temple, home of the High Priestess of Atlantis. In the temple Hera learns what it is to be a woman, and a priestess, in a time when the feminine face of the divine is being lost. Hera must find her way amidst immortal secrets, her longing for freedom, and a destiny that she was born to fulfill.

High Priestess of Atlantis

Book 2 of The Priestess Chronicles

In book 2 of the Priestess Chronicles, Hera’s spellbinding journey continues as she learns the magic and the mystery of the sacred feminine, completing her initiation as a priestess. As she struggles to discern the difference between duty and devotion, pleasure and love, Hera takes her place in the escalating struggle  to protect the feminine face of the divine. In a heroic attempt to protect the ones she loves and the priestesses who have dedicated their lives in the service of peace, Hera must make the most difficult decision of her life, and step into her full power as a woman, and priestess.

Priestess Rising

Book 3 of The Priestess Chronicles

In book three of The Priestess Chronicles, Hera, queen of Atlantis and High Priestess of the Emerald Temple, faces the intrigue, and menace of Atlantis’s dynasties and priests. After a life of service Hera finds the beauty and passion of two soulful loves that bring her to a startling revelation about the choices she has made in her life. As Atlantis’s rich and most powerful dynasties vie for control over Hera, and the oil of immortality that she protects, Hera finds herself in the midst of an epic battle, and must make the ultimate choice between loyalty to her purpose, and love.

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